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Having Trouble with Dry Eyes?

Dry Eyes Your eyes depend on lubrication and moisture to maintain comfort and proper vision. Sometimes an imbalance in the natural tear system of your eye can cause the eye to stop producing this lubrication and result in dry eyes. Common Causes of Dry Eyes The natural aging process, particularly menopause Side effects of drugs … Continue reading Having Trouble with Dry Eyes?

Understanding The Difference – Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist

Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist Both start with the letter ‘O’ and both are eye doctors… so what’s the difference? Ophthalmologists are physicians, having gone to medical school and offer complete eye care services. Optometrists are medical professionals but not physicians. They focus on eye care and can prescribe glasses or contacts. Here are the different services … Continue reading Understanding The Difference – Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist

LASIK: The End-all, Be-all?

Residents of Corona, Riverside, the Inland Empire, and Orange County who are considering eye corrective surgery often seek out an eye doctor who performs LASIK surgery. Makes sense, right? Not all the time. LASIK is a popular procedure and many people use the term to encompass all corrective surgeries. But, in fact, not everyone who … Continue reading LASIK: The End-all, Be-all?

TriCounty Eye Institute Welcomes TriCounty Medical Aesthetics

Tricounty Eye Institute would like to introduce you to their new division, TriCounty Medical Aesthetics. After years of hearing “you fixed my eyesight, now what can you do about the wrinkles around my eyes, TriCounty Medical Aesthetics was formed to address those concerns. And, as a thank you for being such loyal patients to TriCounty … Continue reading TriCounty Eye Institute Welcomes TriCounty Medical Aesthetics

LASIK For Dogs?

LASIK for Dogs? Yes, you read that correctly. Laser eye surgery, or corrective eye surgery, is available for dogs and other pets. This is often confused with Lasix, a brand name of a diuretic for pets. Dogs often suffer from glaucoma and cataracts as they age, making it difficult and sometimes impossible for them to … Continue reading LASIK For Dogs?

LASIK and The Military

LASIK Surgery and The Military Personnel Military personnel must be in tip-top physical condition, and fumbling with glasses or contacts can be a burden to the duties of the job. The ability to see is important for all those serving in our armed forces. Traditionally, military personnel were restricted from having LASIK surgery because of … Continue reading LASIK and The Military