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LASIK Pre-Op Evaluation

LASIK eye surgery has become an extremely popular procedure, and if you are considering this course of action, you might wonder what to expect from your LASIK pre-op evaluation.

LASIK Referrals: Comanagement

As LASIK surgery has gained in popularity among patients, some disreputable practices have emerged, including comanagement. While most LASIK centers are reputable, it is important for patients to be educated, in order to avoid those.

LASIK Post-Operative Care

Dr. Schneider: Post-operative care is an important process in your Lasik procedure. If managed properly, you’ll be back to your normal routine in no time. Of course, every doctor will have their own set of post-operative instructions, but here are a few basic guidelines you can expect to follow: First, go home and take a … Continue reading LASIK Post-Operative Care