How young can you be to have LASIK? What’s the general age range for a LASIK patient? The key word here is “general,” because even if you are in the eligible age range, there are several other factors in the equation which will equal either no or yes for you to be a LASIK candidate. So that’s the strict and lenient of it!

Now if you ask, “Is there a best age for LASIK surgery?” I’ll probably have to refer you to the first paragraph. Probably the best age for anyone is the age when you want to have LASIK surgery and your LASIK determines that you are an eligible candidate. Be aware though, that eye surgeons are required to follow regulations set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Two essential factors that eye surgeons use to determine the best age for LASIK are the growth of the eye and cornea stability—and this typically doesn’t happen before a human being has lived for at least 18 years. Which is why the FDA has approved LASIK only for people aged 18 and older.

When the eyeball is still growing, that most probably means eyesight is still changing. Eyes do not stop growing for most people until they are in their early 20s. Thus, even though the FDA allows the procedure to be performed on someone who is only 18, many doctors believe that the best age for LASIK surgery in younger patients is over the age of 21.

Thus, corresponding with eyeball growth and changing vision in youth, LASIK candidates must have had the same vision for two years prior to being considered for LASIK-surgery candidacy.

At another end of the spectrum, people 45 and beyond may be presented with such eyesight conditions as hyperopia and cataracts, which may disqualify them for LASIK. Albeit, LASIK for hyperopia is in clinical trials in America, and is actually being performed in other countries. Of course, a person with cataracts may need cataracts surgery instead of LASIK.

All in all, if you are interested in having LASIK surgery, at any age, simply schedule a consultation with us!