All human beings have many of the same things in common: for example, the survival needs of air, water, food, protection from the elements including sufficient warmth and coolness, etc. Yet, each human is also unique, differing from one the other in personality, physiognomy, skin color, hair color, eye color, specific DNA or genetic make-up… including essential uniquenesses about our eyes and vision. This where laser vision correction, namely LASIK, enters the picture like no other vision-correction treatment.

Everyone has been made to feel special at one time or another, and undoubtedly some of us more times than others. But let’s talk about that special feeling of someone caring for us, caring about us when it comes to discussing whether LASIK is the best vision-correction method to treat our unique eyes and vision. Indeed there may be some times when it is not.

First let’s consider the temporary situation of pink eye, which obviously must heal before a LASIK surgeon is able to have a consultation with the prospective patient. Other temporary conditions might be: a different kind of infection, an injury, dry eye, etc. In the case of dry eye, which may be an ongoing treatable condition, a LASIK surgeon can detect it during a consultation and treat it during pre-operative period, so everything can be on schedule for the patient’s LASIK surgery.