There is little doubt, that in terms of vision correction, we are in the exciting LASIK Generation! In general terms, up to the early 20th century there was the horse and buggy generation, then the automobile generation. Silent film, “talkies,” Television, videotape, DVD, internet video, downloadable video. So now we’re going to skip a lot of other industries because I think you get the point, which is: there was the monocle and then bifocals—the eyeglasses generation, then the contact lens gen, and now—let’s get real—we are the LASIK Generation!

We’ve had a lot of history and gone into some of the technological depths of LASIK recently, so let’s branch out from the roots and bite into the fruits of laser vision-correction labor. After all, cui bono? Who can benefit, from LASIK? Well, maybe anybody who’s saying or thinking things like:

“I know people who have perfect vision after having LASIK surgery, but that “S” word, surgery on my eyes? What about the risks?”