One of our patients said that she decided to have LASIK with us because Dr. Mark Schneider, MD spoke Spanish! At our practice we work really hard to make the appointment experience comforting, welcoming, respectful, and efficient. We never know what part of a person’s time with us will be the highlight, but the other day one of our patients said that she knew she was in the right place and had decided to have her LASIK with us. Then she overheard Dr. Schneider speaking to another patient in Spanish and was so happy. When Dr. Schneider came in to her room, she asked him questions in Spanish and was so impressed that he could communicate with her in the language she understood most! She said he is very humble about it, but learned to speak Spanish when he was on an extended mission after medical school. We love her energy and in her words, she says, “Dr. Schneider es numero uno!” 🙂 Also, in case you would like to see information on eyes in Spanish, you can visit www.ojossanos.org