San Francisco Giants third-baseman Pablo Sandoval had LASIK on his left eye last October, and said, when the 2012 season began, that he sees the ball better. After trying contact lenses and eyeglasses (well, goggles on the field!), he decided it was time for LASIK. That is good news for the team, all season long, and especially now that the Giants just took the National League championship, winning the playoff series against the St. Louis Cardinals on October 22. The Giants now have a shot to win the World Series against the Detroit Tigers beginning October 24.

Pablo Sandoval – affectionately called “Kung Fu Panda” – certainly used his LASIK-corrected eyesight to dominate in the playoffs: hitting .310 (13-for-42), with three homeruns, and seven RBI. During the regular season, Kung Fu Panda hit an amazing .330, 25 homeruns, and 44 doubles, with a very low strikeout total of 68, making his “contact rate” very high – this is where the vision comes into play – as baseball players from a very young age are coached to “Keep your eye on the ball,” and see it leave the bat! The Panda said earlier this year that if the LASIK for his left eye was successful he may have the procedure for his right eye as well. If so, we can only imagine how much better he will be batting next year!