We’ve all heard of used the phrase, “but I digress…”—meaning, I’m getting off-track, too far off the subject, meandering into a pumpkin patch…But another meaning of “digress” is to step away from the main topic and shine light on it from another angle, so that we see the whole thing more clearly, more objectively. Thus… going outside America to another country, may shed some clarifying light back on us.

To wit, Dubai (United Arab Emirates) LASIK surgeon Farooq Ashraf in an interview last week spoke of the costs of LASIK in terms of what prospective LASIK patients might want to know, elucidating how you might want to know how LASIK surgery charges are calculated, how they vary from practice to practice, and what factors, like technology, may influence costs. Dr. Ashraf said that he agreed to the interview after receiving many requests for quotes, and having many interested clients ask about new technology.

How LASIK Surgery Costs are Calculated

The first thing to realize is that LASIK costs are calculated per eye. So when you are quoted for your procedure, make sure you keep that in mind. If you need the procedure done for both eyes, make sure your costs are calculated for two eyes, not just one.