Did you know it takes less than fifteen minutes to have LASIK surgery done on both eyes? This in-office procedure is minimally invasive and is performed while the patient is awake and mobile. So you may be asking yourself, what exactly can I expect the day of surgery?

  • First, you will be given a mild sedative. You will then be placed in a comfortable chair and positioned under the laser.
  • Next, the surgeon will use topical eye drops to numb the eyes and prepare them for surgery. During this step, you will not feel any pain, but there will be a short sensation of pressure.
  • Finally, the doctor will perform the surgery. After a short resting period, you will be cleared to go home.

LASIK Surgery: What to Expect on Surgery Day – After the Procedure

Of course, you will want to have a family member or friend available to drive you home after being sedated.