Your eyes are irreplaceable, so choosing the best LASIK surgeon is crucial. It is easy to find a LASIK surgeon, whether through a referral from a friend or family member, or by reading reviews online. Once you have some names, though, there are several factors to consider in making the right choice.

  • Experience: It is important to choose a surgeon who specializes in LASIK. Look for quality over quantity; just because someone has done thousands of procedures does not mean their patients receive the best care.
  • Results: Find out the percentage of patients that achieve results of 20/20 or better. You want a doctor who has a good record of accomplishment for success.
  • Personal patient care: You want a doctor who personally examines you, and who hires a warm and welcoming staff. When you visit your doctor, you should feel like part of the family.
  • No blades: Some surgeons still use traditional LASIK, with metal blades. Cutting-edge surgeons perform all-laser LASIK, which is far superior in safety and precision.
  • Up to the minute technology: