Charles R. Munnerlyn, PhD is a pioneer in the world of laser vision correction and is credited with creating the first laser to do LASIK! He has committed his life to technology and science and his work has given the gift of sight literally to millions of people! And speaking of gifts, he and his wife have just donated a million dollars to the American Academy of Ophthalmology to advance the education of laser vision correction for doctors around the world! The size of this donation is one of the largest in the history of the Academy and is symbolic of his impact on the world of ophthalmology. Thank you, Dr. Munnerlyn for your commitment, vision, and generosity!

The American Academy of Ophthalmology today announced a $1 million donation from Dr. Charles R. and Judith G. Munnerlyn that will be used in the Academy’s efforts to advance laser surgery education for ophthalmologists around the world. This gift, which is one of the largest individual donations in the Academy’s history, will establish the Dr. Charles R. and Judith G. Munnerlyn Laser Surgery Education Center and the Munnerlyn Endowment Fund that will be used to maintain it.

The goal of the web-based center that will be funded through the generosity of the Munnerlyn’s to provide ophthalmologists with a central location for the most up-to-date and accurate information on advances in ophthalmic laser surgery. It will serve as a virtual skills transfer center that ophthalmologists can access anytime and anywhere. The center will focus on providing educational resources in basic science principles, advances in laser surgery technology, systems-based patient safety programs, and pre- and post-operative care and management.

Charles R. Munnerlyn, Ph.D., is recognized as a pioneer in translating laser science into ophthalmic applications. His work and dedication to ophthalmology, ophthalmologists and the patients they serve has transformed the profession. Dr. Munnerlyn’s contributions are responsible for preserving the sight of millions of people around the world who have taken advantage of laser procedures in order to achieve dramatic improvements to their sight.

munnerlyn resized 600In order to ensure accessibility to the resources available through the Munnerlyn Center, its programs will be embedded within the Academy’s Ophthalmic News and Education (ONE