“Budget” LASIK – Good for Your Wallet, but Good for Your Eyes?

If you have been considering LASIK, you have probably seen the deals and advertisements surrounding cheap LASIK. The procedure typically costs a few thousand dollars per eye. Be wary of centers offering LASIK for a few hundred dollars per eye, for the following reasons.

After extra fees, surcharges, etc., the “fees, surcharges, a few thousand dollars per eye. Be wary of centers offering LASIK for a few hundred dollars per low price” you were promised may end up being what you would have paid at a reputable center or surgeon. Usually an inexpensive price tag is just a way to get patients in the door.

A reputable surgeon is highly unlikely to work for a budget center. Many surgeons who are willing to perform LASIK for a low price do not have training in LASIK or are only a few years out of medical school. You should not risk your sight on an inexperienced doctor.

If a LASIK center is offering incredibly low rates, it is not likely to stay in business for long. This could leave you without medical care or recourse if something goes wrong.

In order to make a profit, LASIK centers must cut corners on their services. This could include low-paid (and in turn, inexperienced) surgeons, outdated technology, or old equipment. In the best case scenario, you’ll have wasted hundreds of dollars on a procedure that did little to nothing to affect your vision.

Follow up appointments are extremely important after a LASIK procedure. All patients should have a year of follow up care. Many budget LASIK centers often make it difficult for patients to set up follow up appointments or charge fees for appointments.

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When it comes to your eyesight, you get what you pay for. In 2006, the U.S. Congress conducted a study of the LASIK industry. They found that 1 in 6 patients who had LASIK at a budget center (centers charging $3,000 or less for 2 eyes) was very unhappy with their visual results.

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